Medico Support is a well renowned and trusted partner with more than 10 years’ experience within the pharmaceutical industry , food industry, industrial production, warehouses and hospitals.

Our Quality System holds a very high standard and complies with the requirements of ISO 17025. Our company is accredited by DANAK to perform calibration and testing (validation/qualification) of a wide range of metrological parameters.

We also offer consulting services and can supply your company with high quality equipment.

Our Mission:

We at Medico Support aim to be the most attractive and trusted partner for companies that are subject to regulatory requirements. We wish to ensure that documentation is in compliance with the metrological parameters and standards. We also want to be the first choice for our customers/partners when they procure instrumentation solutions.

Our Vision:

High quality of services and loyalty to you as a customer is the key to our success. Medico Support uses a combination of approaches (Total Supply Solution) to provide the best result in technical support and to maximize a successful outcome for your business. Your trust is of utmost importance for us and that is why we constantly seek to reflect and adapt to changes in the industry requirements and regulations.

How we work:

To us, you are a partner and not just a client. We seek to understand your needs in depth to present you with the best service and instrumental solutions.

Our specialists have the highest level of technical skills and share our company values; thus, they are dedicated to providing you with the highest standard of service.

Open positions

May 2007:

Medico Support is established by employees with experience from the pharmaceutical world

December 2007:

Danak accredits Medico Support to

- Accredited calibration of temperature

- Accredited calibration of Slit-samplers

October 2008:

Medico Support expands their accredit with

- Accredited calibration of all types of air samplers

- Accredited calibration of time

- Accredited calibration of pressure, differential pressure and vacuum

April 2010:

Medico Support expands their accredit with

- Accredited calibration of humidity % relative and temperature of climatic chamber

- Accredited calibration of volume flow and mass flow

January 2012:

Medico Support expands their accredit with

- Accredited validation


To this day, Medico Support is still developing and working on accredit of several parameters.

At this moment we are 14 competent employees.

We are making a point of honor to listen to our customers’ special wants and needs of development; therefor, many of our unique functions are a result of great teamwork between customers and Medico Support.

Our philosophy is that all of the functions in our calibration- and validation-solutions must be resource-saving, of high quality and for the right amount of money.