Medico Support is a provider of many services aimed at the pharmaceutical industry. All our services are performed by experienced employees, all of whom have experience from the pharmaceutical industry. This allows us to quickly come to and assist with your wishes.


Medico Support offers a wide range of different calibrations within many parameters. We perform calibrations as DANAK accredited or traceable according to ISO 17025.

Calibrations may be performed at our laboratories or at the customers where we calibrate from single pieces of equipment to the entire process plant - depending on the customer's needs.

Calibration parameters:




Particle counters 




Absolute Pressure (Low & High Vacuum)

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Validation is becoming more and more widespread in order for customers to view and document requirements from collaborators and authorities, as well as ensure that equipment and processes comply with expected requirements for adequate uniformity.

Medico Support offers to perform accredited validation of, among other things, fridge / freezer, climate room / cabinet, incubator, freezer dryer and temperature bath. The customer receives an accredited test report containing:

  • Traceability for used reference equipment
  • Measurement uncertainty on measurements
  • Data processing and graph of measured data
  • Conclusion of test run
  • Raw data printing 
  • Raw data CD-ROM

We can perform accredited validation within:

  • Pressure: -1 to 20 barG
  • Moisture: 0.5 to 98% rH
  • Temperature: -100 to 650 ° C

We can use 2 different systems in connection with validation:

  • Data Trace
  • Kaye Validator 2000

If the customer wants to perform validation, we offer rental, preparation and calibration of equipment. Upon completion of validation, the customer receives a report containing:

  • Measurement uncertainty
  • Calibration documentation
  • Raw data printing.

We also offer to prepare / perform IQ, OQ and PQ protocol / reporting.

Validation is carried out by our flexible and qualified employees.

If you have questions or just want to hear more, contact Sanne Berggreen  +45 28 90 46 12 or Lærke Knudsen  +45 53 79 98 98.


We advise in the following areas:

• Calibration procedure

• Quality management systems

• Validation, documentation

• Recommendation of instruments

• Proposals for measurement engineering tasks


Focus can be made on your core business areas, while we take care of your calibration & validation tasks, documentation, etc.

We keep an eye on the intervals so the documentation is always up to date.

Companies with established calibration and validation departments may be in a resource shortage in connection with new construction, conversion, vacation or illness. We have qualified employees who can solve the task. Depending on the size of the assignment, a task may last from 1 day to, for example, 1 year.

If you have questions or just want to hear more, contact Sanne Berggreen  +45 28 90 46 12 or Medico Support +45 44 94 11 00 or send email to