Often ther are many quality related requirements to the water systems, including requirements to the conductivity.

Medico Support offers accredited conductivity calibration - both in-line (without dismounting the conductivity sensor), off-line and electrical calibration of the power transmission transmitter.

Off-line calibrations can be performed at the customer or at our laboratories.

We can calibrate in the measurement range: 0.01 μS / cm to 400 mS / cm (liquid calibration)

         1 Ω to 11 MΩ (electrical calibration)

The calibrations are performed by our routine staff who are updated with the latest knowledge and know the latest requirements. They can also provide advice when purchasing new measuring equipment.

Medico Supports employees also have many years of experience, and are always open to talk about the customer's requirements for conductivity and what errors / sources of error that should be addressed in the process.

If you have any questions or just want to hear more, contact Medico Support.

For sale contakt Sanne Berggreen at +45 28 90 46 12 and for technical questions Anne Wilms at +45 23 69 56 69.