Validation is becoming more widespread for customers to identify and document requirements from partners and authorities, as well as ensure that equipment and processes meet expected requirements of sufficient uniformity.

Medico Support offers to perform accredited validation of eg. Warehouses / Refrigerators / Freezers, Autoclaves / Chamber washers / Climate chambers / Controlled rooms / Incubators and Temperature baths. The customer receives an accredited test report, which includes: traceability for used reference equipment, measurement uncertainty on the measurements, data processing, graph of measured data, conclusion of test procedures, printout of raw data and CD-ROM with raw data.

We can perform validation with 2 different systems:


Kaye Validator 2000

We can for example perform accredited validation at:

Pressure: -1 to 20 barG

Moisture: 0.5 to 98% rH

Temperature: -100 to 650 ° C

Validation is carried out by our flexible and qualified staff

We also offer to prepare and / or perform IQ, OQ and PQ protocol / reporting.

If the customer wants to carry out validation themselves, we offer equipment rental, preparation and calibration. Upon completion of validation, the customer receives a report containing: measurement uncertainty, calibration documentation and printout of raw data.

Please contact us for more information about renting validation equipment.

For more information please contact Sanne Berggreen on +45 28 90 26 12 or Benny Nordstrøm on +45 28 59 56 71