Pressure is a widely used parameter and is measured in many different contexts.

We can calibrate in the measuring range: 0 to 2000 Pa differential pressure

All calibrations can be performed at the customer or at own laboratories and measured as absolute (Abs) or relative (gauge) depending on the nature of the assignment and the customer's requirements.

Medico Support offers accredited calibration of many different types of pressure equipment, such as manometers, vacuum gauges, pressure transducers, filter testers and differential pressure gauges.

For ablution pressure 0.001 mBar to 13.33 mBar, see under vacuum.

                0 to 21 bar abs (absolute)

             -1 to 20 bar gauge (relative)

Measurement of pressure can include Used for surveillance for safety and product quality, and it is therefore very important to control their pressure measurements.

The calibrations are performed by our routine staff, who are always up to date with the latest knowledge and know the latest requirements. They can also provide advice when purchasing new measuring equipment.

If you have any questions or just want to hear more, contact Medico Support.

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