Temperature, Pressure & Humidity data loggers for monitoring critical processes such as sterilization, refrigeration, depyrogenation, lyophilization, and more.
The MPRF repeater Data Trace

The MPRF repeater

The MPRF repeater is able to take weak signals from within a process and repeat them to an MPRF PC Interface. It can also be u...

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DT270009-1 Data Trace


Part number: DT270009-1Description: MPRF Locking Ring Spanner Tool –  designed to tighten logger after battery chang...

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200204-002  Data Trace


Part Number: 200204-002 Description: Clip attached to a magnet. Attaches logger to inside of Application Chamber/Rack fo...

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MPRF Logger Armor for 1/8″ (3.2mm) diameter probe Data Trace

MPRF Logger Armor for 1/8″ (3.2mm)...

Part number:123129 – MPRF Logger Armor for 1/8″ (3.2mm) diameter probe123114 – MPRF Logger Armor for 3/16″ (4.8mm) diameter p...

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 124951-500 MPRF Accessories


Part number: 124951-500Description: Repeater Battery – 3.6V Lithium D cell Includes, 1 battery with insulator ring

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122028-001 General Accessories


Part number: 122028-001Description: 0.8 inch inner diameter acrylic PC interface sleeve, for use with dual housing MPRF...

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122055 DT Intenna (Black) MPRF Accessories

122055 DT Intenna (Black)

Part Number: 122055 DT Intenna (Black) 155054-001 DT Intenna (Teflon) – WatertightDescription: DataTrace® InTenna is a...

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124799-508  Data Trace


Part Number: 124799-508 Description: MPIII Interface – All DataTrace data loggers require a DataTrace interface i...

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124805-502 Data Trace


Part number: 124805-502Description: MPRF Batteries for MPRF Humidity – 3.6V Lithium 1/2AA cell, includes 8 batteries...

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124805-503 Data Trace


Part number: 124805-503Description: MPRF Batteries for MPRF Temperature – 3.6V Lithium AA cell, includes 4 batteries...

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124805-504 Data Trace


Part number: 124805-504Description: MPRF Batteries for Low Temp Applications – 3.6V Lithium AA cell Includes, 4...

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124930-001 Data Trace


Part number: 124930-001Description: Pre-numbered 1-25 Polyolefin tubes for labeling Loggers. Yellow, bag of 25

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124930-002 Data Trace


Part number: 124930-002Description: Pre-numbered 1-25 Polyolefin tubes for labeling Loggers. White, bag of 25

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124930-003 Data Trace


Part number: 124930-003Description: Pre-numbered 1-25 Polyolefin tubes for labeling Loggers. Red, bag of 25

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200026-002 Data Trace


Part number: 200026-002Description: 25g tub of silicone grease, G-9020

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MPRF Accessories