Temperature, Pressure & Humidity data loggers for monitoring critical processes such as sterilization, refrigeration, depyrogenation, lyophilization, and more.
200204-002  Data Trace


Part Number: 200204-002 Description: Clip attached to a magnet. Attaches logger to inside of Application Chamber/Rack fo...

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MPRF Logger Armor for 1/8″ (3.2mm) diameter probe Data Trace

MPRF Logger Armor for 1/8″ (3.2mm)...

Part number:123129 – MPRF Logger Armor for 1/8″ (3.2mm) diameter probe123114 – MPRF Logger Armor for 3/16″ (4.8mm) diameter p...

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 122039-505 MPIII Accessories


Part number: 122039-505Description: Custom Bendable Retainer (pkg. of 6), designed to fit jars or cans

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 123035-003 MPIII Accessories


Part number: 123035-003Description: MPIII (Ultem) IR standoff – 1.61″ to base of assembled standoff

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 123035-004 MPIII Accessories


Part number: 123035-004Description: MPIII (Ultem) IR standoff – 2.40″ to base of assembled standoff

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 124818-500 MPIII Accessories


Part number: 124818-500Description: Internal Retainer, Metal. Package of six.

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 124951-500 MPRF Accessories


Part number: 124951-500Description: Repeater Battery – 3.6V Lithium D cell Includes, 1 battery with insulator ring

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 124960-500 MPIII Accessories


Part number: 124960-500Description: Required to install the IR6-MPIII retainers- Used with IR6 Socket

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 124999-504 MPIII Accessories


Part number: 124999-504Description: MPIII (Ultem) IR standoff Kit – 2.40″ length w/Metal Mount

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122028-001 General Accessories


Part number: 122028-001Description: 0.8 inch inner diameter acrylic PC interface sleeve, for use with dual housing MPRF...

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122039-510 MPIII Accessories


Part number: 122039-510Description: Custom Bendable Retainer (pkg. of 10), designed to fit jars or cans

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122055 DT Intenna (Black) MPRF Accessories

122055 DT Intenna (Black)

Part Number: 122055 DT Intenna (Black) 155054-001 DT Intenna (Teflon) – WatertightDescription: DataTrace® InTenna is a...

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122144  MPIII Accessories


Part Number: 122144 Description: InfraRed Guard Tool (IR Guard)

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123035-001 MPIII Accessories


Part number: 123035-001Description: MPIII (Ultem) IR standoff – 0.51″ to base of assembled standoff

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123035-002 MPIII Accessories


Part number: 123035-002Description: MPIII (Ultem) IR standoff – 0.75″ to base of assembled standoff

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