The Easidew PRO I.S. transmitter is designed to reliably and accurately measure dew point or moisture content in a wide variety of gas or liquid process applications. The robust mechanical design minimises installation time and provides a robust and reliable transmitter for all global intrinsically safe applications.

Product Features

  • Measurement ranges -110 up to +20°Cdp
  • Global Intrinsically Safe certifications
  • Accuracy ±1°Cdp
  • 2-wire 4-20 mA output
  • Traceable 13-point calibration certificate
  • 450 bar pressure rating
  • 3/4” UNF industry standard process connection
  • EN 10204 3.1 material certification
  • Moisture in gases and liquids
  • Service exchange version
  • Electronics Conformal Coating
  • Oxygen Service Cleaned

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Product Easidew PRO I.S. for Gases Easidew PRO LQ I.S. for Liquids
Performance Specifications
Measurement Range -110 to +20°C dew point; -100 to +20°C dew point0 to 1000 ppmW
Accuracy ±1°C dew point (+20 to -60°C)
±2°C dew point (-60 to -110°C)
Response Time 5 mins to T95 (dry to wet)
Repeatability 0.5°C dew point
Calibration Traceable 13-point calibration and certificate
Electrical Specifications
Output Signal 4-20 mA (2-wire connection, current source); User configurable over range
Output Dew point or moisture content Moisture content
Analog Output Scaled Range Dew point:-110 to +20°C or –100 to +20°CMoisture content in gas:0-3000 ppmV
Non-standard:mg/m3, lbs/MMSCF natural gas
Moisture content in liquid: 0 to 1000 ppmW
Non-standard available on request
Supply Voltage 14 to 28 V DC
Load Resistance Max 250 Ω @ 12 V (500 Ω @ 24 V)
Current Consumption 23 mA max, depending on output signal
Saturation Constants
(for moisture in liquids measurements only)
 6-point look-up table for saturation constants up to 1000 ppmW over the temperature range 0 to +50°C; Saturation constants for 10 common liquids can be programmed into the Easidew PRO XP IS via the application software;
Alternatively the user can program saturation constants manually
CE Conformity Approved
Operating Specifications
Operating Temperature –40 to +60°C
Compensated Temperature Range -20 to +50°C
NOTE: The transmitter accuracy statement is only valid for the temperature range: -20/+50°C
Storage Temperature -40 to +60°C
Operating Pressure 45 MPa (450 barg) maximum
Flow rate
1 to 5 Nl/min mounted in standard sampling block
0 to 10 m/sec direct insertion
0.1 to 0.3L/min through Easidew sample block
0.1 to 1m/s direct insertion
Mechanical Specifications
Ingress Protection IP66 in accordance with standard BS EN 60529:1992;
NEMA 4 protection in accordance with standard NEMA 250-2003
Intrinsically safe area certificates ATEX: II 1 G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga (–20°C to +70°C)

IECEx: Exd ia IIC T4 Ga (–20°C to +70°C)

TC TR 0Ex ia IIC T4 Ga (–20°C to +70°C)

CCSAUS: Class I, Division I Groups A B C D, T4

FM: Class I, Division 1, Groups A B C D, T4
Russian Pattern Approval Russia (GOST-R), Kazakhstan (GOST-K)
Canadian Pressure Vessel Certification C.R.N. — 11 Canadian provinces
Oxygen service
Optional: cleaned for enriched oxygen
Housing material 316 stainless steel
(sensor protection)
Standard: Stainless steel sintered guard (for protection against fine particulate >80μm)
Optional: HDPE guard (for protection against fine particulate >10μm)
Process Connection and Material 316 stainless steel 5/8” — 18 UNF with bonded seal, G1/2” and 3/4” UNF adaptors available
(material certificate to BS EN 10204 3.1 — see ‘accessories and spare parts’ on product order codes)
Weight 1.27kg
Electrical Connections Screw terminal via female M20 x 1.5mm gland
Diagnostic conditions (factory programmed) Condition            Output
Sensor fault            23 mA
Under-range dew point  4 mA
Over-range dew point   20 mA
Approved galvanic isolators KFD2-CR-EX1.20200

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