Medico Support offers accredited calibration of vacuum meters ranging from 0.001 mBar to atmospheric pressure (as absolute pressure).

The range below 1 mBar has specific requirements for the method and measuring equipment.

These requirements, which Medico Support meets, are described in ISO 3567 and we can perform calibrations both in the laboratory and at the customer (in-situ / on-site).

Medico Support uses equipment that complies with the requirements of ISO 3567 where required.

Accredited measuring range / methods:   

    0,001 mbar to 1,000 mBar (method according to ISO 3567)
    1,000 mbar to 1013,25 mBar (combination of methods)

The calibrations are performed by our experienced staff who are always up to date with the latest knowledge and know the latest requirements. They can also provide advice when purchasing new measuring equipment.

If you have any questions or just want to hear more, contact Medico Support.

For sale contakt Sanne Berggreen at +45 28 90 46 12 and for technical questions Peter Remfeldt at +45 20 93 73 05..