CI-309A Alarm Tower

For Use with the CI-3100 OPT Ethernet Particle Counter

BioPharmaceutical grade, Stainless Steel CI-309A alarm tower for the CI-3100 Ethernet particle counter. Works with DataPro 3 software.

In business for over 55 years, Climet has dozens of multi-jurisdictional patents in the field of particle counting and microbial samplers. Climet is a pioneer and innovator having introduced features that today are industry standard.

General information

The CI-309A a pharmaceutical grade Alarm Tower used with Climet's CI-3100 OPT Ethernet particle counters in critical areas for continuous monitoring applications. It is fully supported and must be used in conjunction with Climet's DataPro 3 facility monitoring software.

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Part Configurations

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Power over Ethernet (PoE)

Technical Brief

Exceeding standards and expectations.Climet uniquely manufactures our instrumentation, not to simply meet ISO 21501-4 standards, but to exceed the standard in order to meet user expectations for: (1) accuracy and stability of measurement; (2) mitigation of deviation reports and investigations; (3) ease of use;  and (4) overall product quality.  These factors uniquely provide our loyal customers the lowest TCO (Total Cost of Ownership).

Buy From An Innovator, Not An Imitator: Climet, literally, invented the portable particle counter (1993), as well as higher flow rates of 50 LPM, 75 LPM, and 100 LPM (2005-2008).  With a long history of successfully implementing disruptive technologies, our customers can rest assured they own the highest quality instrumentation available on the market.  Every Climet particle counter is manufactured with the highest degree of engineering acumen, and incorporates one or more patented or patent pending technologies.

Uncompromising Quality is in our Corporate DNA. Our success is not based on quirky marketing gimmicks,  but rather rock-solid instrumentation that adds personal value, and that's time-proven and built to last a decade or more.



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