Michell Instruments is an international leader in high-precision sensing with 40 years’ experience in the field, specialising in instrumentation for dew point, relative humidity and oxygen analysis.The company serves industries as diverse as petrochemical and pharmaceutical to power generation and food processing. The product range includes:

  • High-precision ceramic moisture sensors to measure trace moisture in process applications.
  • Relative humidity transmitters and sensors for use in HVAC applications, pharmaceutical storage and other production processes where controlled environmental conditions are crucial.
  • Humidity calibration systems and reference dew-point hygrometers enable customers to carry out the calibration of portable hygrometers and relative humidity instruments in-house, saving on downtime and costs.
  • Zirconia and Thermo-paramagnetic oxygen analyzers for combustion optimization, maintaining gas purity, controlling levels of CO2 in breweries and many other applications.
  • Condumax II Hydrocarbon dew point analyzers ensure the quality of natural gas at custody transfer, prevent gas burner failure and prolong the life of process equipment – helping companies save millions of dollars on repairs and down-time.
  • Trace moisture in hydrocarbon liquids analyzers are available in explosion-proof and intrinsically safe versions and allow the continuous measurement of moisture content in a wide range of applications from catalytic refinery processes to pure hydrocarbons.
  • Process moisture analyzers provide continuous on-line measurements of trace moisture in process gases and are available as explosion-proof, intrinsically safe and laboratory versions.

Michell Instruments has three manufacturing locations: Oosterhout, The Netherlands; Lyon, France and Ely, UK. The company has an extensive network of factory trained application engineers, subsidiaries and distributors stretching across 56 countries.

DCS Dew-Point Calibration System (DCS60, DCS80 & DCS100) Michell Instruments

DCS Dew-Point Calibration System (...

The DCS system is a complete rack-mounted calibration station capable of producing a flow of air (or nitrogen) at a pr...

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HG-1 Humidity Calibrator Calibration Instruments

HG-1 Humidity Calibrator

A low-cost, easy to use, fully integrated system for the calibration of dew-point and relative humidity sensors from 2 to 90%...

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HG10 Humidity Calibrator Calibration Instruments

HG10 Humidity Calibrator

The Michell HG10 Humidity Calibration System is a highly flexible computer-controlled automatic calibration system for...

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HygroCal100 Calibration Instruments


The HygroCal100 provides a stable test chamber to quickly evaluate the performance of relative humidity sensors across a wid...

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OptiCal Humidity Calibrator Michell Instruments

OptiCal Humidity Calibrator

The OptiCal is a bench-top, fully self-contained humidity/ temperature calibrator. The system comprises a humidity and temperatu...

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PCR - Portable Calibration Rig Michell Instruments

PCR - Portable Calibration Rig

The PCR from Michell is a transportable gas blender in a flight case, suitable for calibrating a multitude of gas analyzers at vi...

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Pressure Swing Dryers (PSD2 & PSD4) Michell Instruments

Pressure Swing Dryers (PSD2 & PSD4)

Pressure Swing dryers provide a source of very dry compressed air for use as a zero gas in humidity calibration s...

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S904 Humidity Calibrator Michell Instruments

S904 Humidity Calibrator

The S904 is a completely stand-alone and transportable humidity calibrator, requiring no external services other than main...

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