The DCS system is a complete rack-mounted calibration station capable of producing a flow of air (or nitrogen) at a pre-specified range of dew-point temperatures from a minimum of -100°C (-148°F) to a maximum of +20°C (+68°F). Through customization the DCS system can be PC controlled for automated calibration sequences or manually operated at pre-determined dew-point set points.

When ordering this system, simply specify the required operating range, and Michell Instruments will determine the most economical way to construct your calibration system.

Product Features

  • Complete dew-point calibration solution with optional compressor, dryer, dew-point generator, reference instrument and optional manifold
  • Generated output responds quickly to a change of set point
  • Stable humidity generation
  • Simple operation through manual flow mixing or push-button switching of set points
  • Remote control via RS232 comms (dependant on model)

Technical Specifications (DCS60, DCS80, DCS100)

Model DCS60 DCS80 DCS100
Range -60 to +20°Cdp (-76 to +68°Fdp) -80 to +20°Cdp (-112 to +68°Fdp) -100 to +20°Cdp (-148 to +68°Fdp)
Air Dryer PSD2 Dryer PSD4 Super Dryer
Generator MethodDG2 with manual flow metering
DG4 with solenoid controlled needle valves
VDS system with mass flow controllers
Reference HygrometerS8000 Chilled Mirror HygrometerS8000RS Chilled Mirror HygrometerS4000 TRS Chilled Mirror Hygrometer
Calibration Flow Rate2 to 5 Nl/min (4.2 to 10.6 scfh) 10 Nl/min (21.2 scfh)
Best System Uncertainty ±0.2°C (±0.36°F) dew point (k = 2) @ +20°Cdp (+68°Fdp)
Set Point Precision±0.5°C (±0.9°F) dew point
Carrier GasOil-free compressed air (compressor supplied)
Operating Temperature+15 to +30°C (+59 to +86°F)
Traceability Directly to NPL and NIST through Reference Hygrometer
Power220 to 240 V AC or 100 to 130 V DC, 50/60 Hz
HousingWheeled 19" rack system, 1.9m (74.8") high
Weight98kg (216lbs) (approx) 125kg (231lbs) (approx) Varies

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