Defender 530+ DryCal
Defender 530+ DryCal Defender 530+ DryCal

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Defender 530+
Laboratory & Field Ready Primary Calibrators

for Process Control, Manufacturing & Environmental Applications

Now more than ever, modern industry requires precisely-honed process control systems. Requirements, standards, and competition have become so demanding, and the margin for error so slim, that for many organizations 2% or 3% of reading standardized accuracy is no longer enough.

The Defender 530+ allows users to verify gas flow rates in the field or in the lab to a volumetric accuracy of .75% of reading, including temperature and pressure compensation. Unlike thermal mass flow meters, the Defender 530+’s positive displacement technology provides immediate indication of actual volumetric gas flow rate – accurately and independently of gas type. Integrated temperature and pressure sensors in the flow stream allow users to automatically standardize volumetric flow readings to standard conditions, for traceable verifications of mass flow devices.

The Defender 530+ represents the next generation of our Proven DryCal® Technology developed specifically for critical industrial and environmental applications. It provides the accuracy, customization, and durability needed in today’s exacting, fast-paced workplace.

For use with non-corrosive, non-condensing, non-combustible gases, less than 70% humidity.

Flow Ranges
Low: 5-500ccm
Medium: 50-5,000ccm
High: 300-30,000ccm

Includes barbed fitting adapters
Single, Continuous and Burst reading options
Accuracy Volumetric (% of reading) 0.75%
Accuracy Standardized (% of Reading) 1%
Temperature & Pressure Sensors in flow stream
Temperature Readings: C°, F°
Pressure Readings: mmHg, PSI, kPa
MFC Gas Sensor Factor for Calibration of Alternate Gases other than Clean Air and N2.
Volumetric Flow Readings – mL/min, L/min, cc/min, cf/min
Standard Flow Readings – smL/min, sL/min, sccm, scf/min
1/4″ ID Swagelok® Compression Fittings, 3/8” fittings on High Model
Data Port: Serial (RS-232)

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