DryCal 800 DryCal
DryCal 800 DryCal DryCal 800 DryCal

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High-Precision Primary Flow Standards

For Laboratory and Industrial Process Control Applications

As a replacement for the ML-800 base, our new DryCal 800 base has been enhanced with:

  • A 4.3” Resistive Touch Screen
  • USB and RS-232 Interfaces
  • Firmware Updates through a Communication Port (No Disassembly Required)
  • New High Efficiency Electronics with Minimal Heat Generation (Eliminates a Potential Source of Measurement Uncertainty)
  • Low Profile Design (Provides Increased Stability)
  • Compatible with All Existing ML-800 Flow Cells and Software

With the new DryCal 800 base, you still receive the same exceptional low uncertainties you have come to expect from our high-precision primary flow standards. It meets the most stringent laboratory and industrial process control requirements, making it the ideal solution for demanding process control and calibration professionals around the world:

  • Precise, Primary Measurements
  • Demonstrated On-Site Durability
  • Broad Flow Range – 0.5 sccm to 100 slpm

The DryCal 800 Series combines our Proven DryCal Technology with interchangeable flow cells to offer a broad flow range that fits the needs of your application. Combine our DryCal primary piston provers with our new Integrator Pro to set up an analog MFC and MFM calibration station and power to control up to two voltage and two current mass flow devices at the same time.

For use with non-corrosive, non-condensing, non-combustible gases, less than 70% humidity.



Flow Range*

Accuracy Standardized

Accuracy Volumetric

DryCal 800-3**0.5 – 50 scc/min0.25%0.25% plus 0.002 sccm
DryCal 800-105 – 500 scc/min0.15%0.15%
DryCal 800-2450 – 5,000 scc/min0.15%0.15%
DryCal 800-44500 – 50,000 scc/min0.15%0.15%
DryCal 800-75***1 – 100 SLPM0.15%0.15%


  • 0.5 sccm – 100 slpm Flow Range
  • 0.25% Measurement Uncertainty (0.5 – 50 sccm)
  • 0.15% Measurement Uncertainty (5 – 100,000 sccm)
  • 5 Interchangeable Flow Cells
  • 1/4″ ID Swagelok® tube compression fitting (1/8″ fittings Model 800-3) (1/2″ outlet fitting Model 800-44)
  • Proven DryCal Technology – Accurate and reliable gas flow readings independent of gas species measured
  • Innovative – 100:1 turndown ratio; accurately measuring flow rates as low as 0.5 sccm
  • Simple touch screen operation
  • Quality and Expertise — 0.08% Scope of Accreditation for gas flow by NVLAP of NIST; Over 20 years experience providing training, installations, system consulting and custom solutions
  • Serial (RS-232) and USB

Specification Sheets, Manuals & Documents

  • DryCal 800 Specifications Brochure
  • DryCal 800 User Manual
  • Calibrating MFCs with DryCal Metrology Series Primary Piston Provers
  • General Purpose Calibration Procedure Using the DryCal Metrology Series
  • Calibrating Variable Area Gas Flow Meters Using the DryCal System
  • DryCal 800 Success Story

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