ML-800 Series Expansion DryCal

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The Met Lab Series of high-precision primary flow standards offers exceptionally low uncertainties to meet the most stringent laboratory and industrial process control requirements.

The Met Lab 800 Series combines our Proven Bios DryCal Technology with interchangeable flow cells to achieve precise, primary measurements over an incredibly broad flow range; from 0.5 sccm up to 100 slpm.

Our latest flow cell, the ML 800, offers an extended gas flow measurement range of 1-100 lpm with a standardized flow accuracy of 0.15%. This expanded flow cell offers a piston prover with a high purity graphite piston (75mm). The ML-800 offers gas measurement technology that is largely independent of gas species.

The 800 series consists of 5 interchangeable flow cell models, the table below details each model and its specific attributes:

Part Number200-800-3*200-800-10200-800-24200-800-44200-800-75**
Model50 mL per minute cell500 mL per minute cell5 L per minute cell50 L per minute cell100 L per minute cell
Flow Range0.5-50sccm5-500sccm50-5,000sccm500-50,000 sccm1-100 slm
Accuracy,Standardized+/-0.25% 0.5-50sccm +/-0.002 sccm+/-0.15%+/-0.15%+/-0.15%+/-0.15%

Time Per Reading1-60 seconds3-135 seconds3-90 seconds1-35 seconds1-50 seconds
Weight80oz / 2300g85.1oz / 2412.5g86oz / 2439.3g88.4oz / 2507g160oz/ 4535g


Specifications are based on average readings.  Accuracy is stated as a percent of reading (including standardization, if applicable).

* 200-800-3 Cell requires release 2.08 firmware or high installed in base

** 200-800-75 cell requires release 2.10 or higher installed in base

For more information on the ML-800 series click here!

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