Particle counters are monitoring to provide evidence of controlled performance related to air cleanliness by particle concentration (ISO-14644-2) according to “Classification of air cleanliness by particle concentration” (ISO-14644-1). In Medico Support we can provide the calibration of particle counters in compliance to ISO-21501-4 for correct determination of particle size distribution.

The ISO-21501-4 is describing the following parameters:

-        Size setting error;

-        Counting efficiency;

-        Size resolution;

-        False count;

-        Maximum particle number concentration;

-        Sampling flow rate error;

-        Sampling time error;

-        Response rate;

-        Calibration interval;

-        Reporting results from test and calibration

Beside the parameters described in 21501-4, there are a number of other parameters, which is relevant to monitor. Like Threshold setting voltage, Laser diode voltage and Stray light. The extra monitoring can give valuable information about the status of equipment and life-cycle.

The calibration can be performed accredited, in principle calibration is carried out in our own laboratories, but in some cases it is also possible to calibrate at the customer.

The calibrations are performed by our experienced and trained staff who are always up to date with the latest knowledge and know the latest requirements. They can also provide advice when purchasing new measuring equipment.

If you have any questions or just want to hear more, contact Medico Support.

For sale contakt Sanne Berggreen at +45 28 90 46 12 and for technical questions Peter Remfeldt at +45 20 93 73 05 or Morten Christensen directly on +45 23 69 56 67.

For some equipments we can also make a total service agreement, which include all services, spare parts, exchange of batteries, repair, adjustments and recalibration.